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1 Life Lesson from The Blacklist Season 7ep19 and Hanifa 3D

No Spoiler Zone! My Hubster cares to tell anyone who cares to listen that he introduced me to the Primetime Emmy Award winning TV Series, The Blacklist. Please help me ask him: if he doesn't introduce me to interesting TV series, who will?' I'm not going to be sharing any spoilers here today. Neither am I going to rave about how much of an amazing and brilliant actor James Spader (Raymond Reddington) is. I'm also not going to tell you how much Megan Boone's character, Elizabeth Keen annoys me. Or how much I loved Tom Keen, Samar (Agent Navabi), Bars and Mr. Kaplan (before she went rogue). So what is this article really about? The cast and crew of The Blacklist started shooting the 7th season of the show sometime last year and they'd shot up to episode 18 when the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the entire world. They'd only shot a few scenes from episode 19 when they had to shut everything down and have everyone go home to quarantine with t
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Debunking everyday myths: I failed, so will you.

Have you ever tried and failed at something? Yes? No? What was your reaction or  comment when someone who wanted to try that same thing and mentioned it to you?  It is 3:44am and I just thought to share something I’m actively working on in my life, and it’s about not being like Alpha, Bravo, the Charlie and Delta in the scenarios below. Here are some simple everyday examples to help you understand better: Alpha tried to get into the Nelson Mandela Washington Fellowship and after severallllll attempts, she didn’t get in, but then says this to someone who's trying to apply:  'Those NMWF people are looking for special talents o, extraordinary talents! (Note how she used the acronym to show that she’s on a certain level of familiarity with this fellowship – as a professional applicant). She goes ahead to say: ‘Can you sing the national anthem of Czechoslovakia backwards? No? Then you don't have the requisite talent to be selected. You know, out of over 5 m

How I switched careers before it even started: A story and some tips

Where it all started I was raised in Ilorin, Nigeria (e  nle fa! ). No, I wasn’t born there. I also attended the University of Ilorin (Better by Far), where I bagged a degree in Finance. If you know me now, you might ask, ‘how could someone like Priscilla study a course like Finance?’ Well, it’s simple: I loved mathematics - I still do, but because I was in ‘Commercial Class’ in secondary school, I didn’t have the subject combination to study Mathematics or Statistics (which are Science courses) in Uni. So, after several consultations with my parents and school counsellors, I settled for the ‘Math and Statistics’ of Commercial Students: Finance, with my second choice as Economics. How it started After my first semester, despite my 4.3 GPA, I knew Finance wasn’t really my calling. We had only ONE Maths-like course, and then courses like: Laws of Banking, Cost Accounting, Political Science, Financial Accounting Theory, and later on, Business Law, Corporate Law, Management Ac

5 Unusual ways to stay on a Budget

ERT: 4:05mins When’s your pay-day? 23 rd , 25 th , 28 th , 30 th , 6 th of the next month, whenever a client pays? It’s funny how I’ve been in alllll these scenarios at different points in my life (hashtag: SmallGirlBigGod). As we all countdown to pay-day, i t is important to note that no matter how much you earn, in whatever currency you earn it, you will not be wealthy (legally) till you take control of your finances.  please note that  thatimportant to note that   I’m not sure anyone ever has enough money (Bill Gates doesn’t count, please), the major difference between ‘boxed up’ people and broke people is the financial plans and decisions they make.  When we say ‘broke’, we usually mean ‘without money to spend’, but in the real sense of it, being broke really means that if you lose your primary source of income today, and you cannot maintain your current lifestyle for the next 6 months… Ponder on this, we’ll talk about it another day. I used to be c