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5 Unusual ways to stay on a Budget

ERT: 4:05mins
When’s your pay-day? 23rd, 25th, 28th, 30th, 6th of the next month, whenever a client pays? It’s funny how I’ve been in alllll these scenarios at different points in my life (hashtag: SmallGirlBigGod).
As we all countdown to pay-day, it is important to note that no matter how much you earn, in whatever currency you earn it, you will not be wealthy (legally) till you take control of your finances.  please note that  thatimportant to note that
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RE: A Wedding As I See It

ET: 06:56.71 I, Agbeke Adefunke daughter of Omolayo and Ayodele Adeboye take you *****, to be my lawfully wedded husband. On this special day, in the presence of our loving God and these amazing people, I affirm to you my sacred promise to stay by your side and be your G, in sickness and in health, in joy, in sorrow, through the best times and the worst. I will be to you a rock-solid support system, your numero uno cheerleader, your accomplice, greatest travel buddy, your prayer warrior, your queen, your true counterpart and best friend. I promise to love you without inhibition, without reservation. My love for Mercedes Benz, Basketball, Dogs and Babies has nothing on you. I will encourage you to achieve your goals, grow with you in mind and in spirit, always be open and honest with you, be submissive to you and cherish you and all we share for as long as we both shall live, so help me God… Sniff sniff…. You know you are a helpless romantic when you ‘roll out’ a wedding vow off-hand like…

Happiness: Overrated or Not

I remember vividly that day in August 2015, (the 28th to be precise), when I wrote: "today, I am truly happy", and saved it as a draft on this blog.

I was in my comfy corner at Mediacraft Associates Limited (oh how I LOVED that place: its people, the indomie and eggs guy, the fried yam/potatoes/dodo woman, Maryland Suya guys, my working hours, the Fleishman Hillard pressure, but most especially the awe-mazing people there :) ),totally at peace with myself and giddy with joy. 

I couldn't explain it, or maybe I could: I'd just returned from my first official trip ever, where I worked with a team of highly intelligent and skilled people to help Nigerian Breweries (Nigeria's pioneer and largest brewing company) break the Guinness World Records of largest poster in the world (Read here and here.... a media company in India, has, however, now broken the record; bah hey, we broke someone else's..:) ).